Charlotte Youth Ballet is also proud to announce the Preserve the Legacy capital campaign, leading up to its 40th anniversary celebration in 2021. The campaign focuses on securing the financial and programmatic future of CYB by increasing CYB’s endowment to support overhead, costume costs and set designs with a goal of $25,000.

Preserve the Legacy will build on the history of CYB, which was actually founded by Gay Porter as the Charlotte Regional Ballet back in the 1970’s. Over time it went through changes and growing pains, including a complete restart under Gay’s studio, the Charlotte School of Ballet, in 1981. Through the studio, Gay personally paid for the backdrops, sets, costumes and props – many of which are still in use. She worked tirelessly to lay down a strong foundation and continues to do so.

The Nutcracker produced in 1981 started the organization as we know it today, which is why we celebrate that year as our true date of establishment. Charlotte Youth Ballet was then formally incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1986. CYB continues to position itself as a vital performing arts hub for student dancers across the Charlotte area and as a community destination for professional level performances.

In addition, Charlotte Youth Ballet has a long tradition of community outreach, making getting involved in the world of dance possible for those who otherwise may not be able to afford it, including:

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to maintain and improve sets, props, and costumes; keep ticket prices and dancer fees to a minimum; underwrite our community outreach programs and help us Preserve the Legacy.

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