Local Ballet Studios

Each year dancers from roughly 20 studios from across the Charlotte area come to audition for the Charlotte Youth Ballets season.  We are very excited this number of studios continues to grow.  We offer performance opportunities for youth to dance along side international professionals on the big stage.  
Dancers may select to participate in one or both shows. We offer auditions for more serious older dances to try out for Company.  Company Dancers are committing to perform both shows in the season.  We are classical ballet focused.  
Show rehearsals are only on the weekends with careful consideration not to interfere with home studio training, minus production week in theater rehearsals. We love the support of all of the studios as dancers are able to show off their ballet talent they have been working so hard to achieve.  
We also offer advertising opportunities for your studio in our programs. 
After the CYB show, dancers return to their home studio and are encouraged to train with their home studio.  CYB also encourages dancers to attend summer training programs at home studios or at summer intensive programs to develop technique. We encourage all pointe dancers to train as much as possible during the summer months to prepare for The Nutcracker season. 
CYB proudly supports the Cecchetti method.  If a ballet instructor at your studio would like to train in the Cecchetti method please visit their website for more information.  This will strengthen your ballet program at your studio and add an offering to your schedule.  Cecchetti can be a multi-age range class.  https://www.cecchetti.org 
Thank you for sharing your dancers with us for a brief time on stage! We support the arts in Charlotte by coming together one show at a time to perform our love of ballet.  We appreciate you sharing audition information to your studio.  These accomplishments are great resume builders for college applications to students. 
cyb@charlotteyouthballet.org  for more information on how to support CYB through your studio.